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Boikanyo Trust Phenyo BSc, PGDE PGDSE

Boikanyo at Jessops 2012-05-25 (Photographer: Richard) BME Director & CEO
Mrs Commonwealth International 2012
Director Miss Commonwealth Botswana
Patron School Bus Project
African Women in Europe Award
African Achievers Award
International Achievers Award


Ikanyeng Moipolai receives Star Award at Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference 2016

Lift Effects organised The Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference on 18th June 2016 at the Croydon Conference Centre to give Star Awards under the theme “I am Possible”. The yearly conference aims to celebrate women all around the globe that give their time, energy and resources to make this world a better place and to leave a legacy for generations to come.

The leader of Lift Effects, Sandra Nelson, says on her website: “What these ladies do are beyond the STAR AWARD recognition but it tells a story of their journey and the strength of their story lets us know that we are possible. These ladies are STARS in their own right, they are everyday ladies doing extraordinary things and giving all they have, not because they have in abundance but because they know that the world depends on them and people depend on them to survive. We want to celebrate these ladies in the face of adversities in the world today and to let them know that someone sees what they are doing and we care, so that they can keep shining the light for others.”

Ikanyeng Moipolai was honoured to receive a Star Award at the conference. Ikanyeng recently appointed Boikanyo as the International Representative in Europe for her Destiny Organisation based in Botswana.  It is a charitable organization which focuses on the funding of investigations for women and men who have infertility issues and providing awareness of the issues involved.  In May 2015 she left a lucrative job as a telecommunication consultant in the UK, consulting for Huawei UK via her own company, to do something that would enable her to look back one day in her dying bed and know that she had had a useful purpose in life.  She saw that people needed help out there and just had to spend the rest of her life giving it to them.  This shows that success is not always about making money but more about achieving your goals in life!  It’s early days yet but she is already thinking in international terms. Boikanyo congratulates Ikanyeng on receiving the award and looks forward to working closely with this motivated lady to help make this so very worthwhile venture take off and flourish.

Photograpy: Joshy Daniels Jones
Hair & Make-up: Kabelo James

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