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Boikanyo has spent her life raising the profile of African Women.  She inspires others to follow in her footsteps to achieve equality with their European counterparts as they see what can be achieved by a little lady with a big heart and the determination to overcome all barriers to progress and make a success of her life for the benefit of others!

Since moving from Botswana to the UK in 2006 Boikanyo Trust Phenyo has done much to empower the African woman in Europe.  At first she got involved in the beauty pageant and modelling world and was very successful in her own right.  Boikanyo was selected as Miss Commonwealth Botswana 2010 and was runner up in the international beauty pageant that year in Milton Keynes.

When she returned to her home city, Maun, every year to see her family the young ladies she met seemed to be inspired by what she was doing and expressed the desire to take up a career in modelling.  That in turn inspired her to provide the means by which they could do that: basic training, promotion in various forms, organising beauty competitions and running a modelling agency.

So she started up Boikanyo Model Extraordinaire – a model agency with a big difference – see elsewhere on this website for details.  The big difference was the avowed intention to develop the careers of young ladies in Botswana who’s only alternative objective in life was to wait around for a husband, marriage and children.

Many people do not realise that the objective of becoming a beauty queen is not to get the rewards that come with the title but to make use of the title to promote themselves and their charitable objectives.  Boikanyo runs a charity which is very close to her heart – the School Bus Project for the kids of Sexaxa Village who have to walk 11 miles to school every day without breakfast.

She was one of those kids and used to run to school every day which is why she was a successful athlete.  However, many of the kids get sick and end up missing out on much of their schooling and without the prospect of the government recognising the village and providing a school bus to take them is the only viable alternative.  The bus will double as a taxi so that the money made can be used to provide breakfast for the kids! See www.princessboikanyo.org for the latest status of this project which was completed in December 2014.


In 2012 Boikanyo took on the role of Mrs Commonwealth International and worked with the “Triple Queens” in various charitable events around the country including the London Fashion Show, a visit to the Olympic Village to meet the athletes and a photo-shoot with the Botswana Olympic  team.  She was asked by Commonwealth International Beauty Pageants to run the workshop for new Queens in February the following year and did an excellent job.  She conjured a make-over on the Commonwealth International facebook page which raised its profile and made it more popular than ever before by producing a profile of each of the 8 Commonwealth Queens in turn.  The other Queens were inspired and sought her help in their efforts to promote themselves and their charities in various ways – for example helping them create a facebook page and a website for themselves.

Boikanyo got involved in the Miss Portugal UK beauty pageant and provided training for prospective contestants.  She was a VIP judge for the final in London and bestowed the title of Portugal Queen of Friends of the Commonwealth 2012 on one of the contestants.  She provided Jessica with all the training she needed and helped her win the title International Queen of Friends of the Commonwealth 2012!  She then managed her while she worked on the charity she wished to pursue and generally helped her on her way to become a successful Commonwealth Queen!

She organised an event to celebrate Botswana Independence day at the Colosseum in London which was an interesting mixture of fashion show and African entertainment that went down very well indeed.


In 2013 this inspired the creation of a new organisation, World of Beauty (WOB), with the objective of provided new models and beauty queens with catwalk & posing training as well as demonstrating lifestyle choices which are necessary for success. The first WOB fashion show was held in May – a charitable event of course – and it was a great success.

Boikanyo entered Race4Life for a 2nd year and raised a further £290 for cancer research.  An interview with Touch Base Africa was published – see www.boikanyo.com/touch-base-africa-movers-and-shakers -and she was honoured to win the Empowering African Women in Europe award in June.  She ran a fashion show at the award ceremony which went down very well indeed.  The award was presented to her by the Minister Counsellor for the Botswana High Commission in London – Mrs Poppy Majingo.

Boikanyo was honoured to be invited to the Commonwealth Nations Reception given at Buckingham Palace by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh on Monday 28th October, 2013 at 6pm. See www.boikanyo.com/boikanyo-meets-queen-at-commonwealth-reception-2013 for details.


In 2014 she was nominated for an African Achievers Award and went to Ghana in February to collect it.  In April she was guest of honour on the Chrissy B TV Show (Sky 203) – see www.boikanyo.com/boikanyo-on-chrissy-b-show for details.  In August she directed a photo-shoot to promote Safari Jewels at a Grand Tudor mansion in London together with 3 Commonwealth Queens where they were interviewed by Entertainment El London. They were subsequently interviewed on the Pauline Long TV Show live on BEN TV – see www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.908738049155702 for some pictures.

In September she won the Panache Global Recognition & Awards for Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Fashion and Beauty and organised a fashion show for the event.

In October the best Botswana Independence Celebration yet was organised and she was nominated for and won the Young Achievers Award at the International Achievers Award ceremony in London. She appeared on the Sporah TV Show as a Commonwealth Director together with some of the other Directors and Queens and was honoured to be nominated for a BEFFTA AWARD as Best Pageant Director but was unlucky not to win it.

In November the planning for the Commonwealth International Beauty Pageants 2014 came to a successful fruition with a well attended Grand Finale at the Park Inn Hotel London Heathrow.  Boikanyo as the Director of Events & Projects organised it well in spite of the lack of sponsorship this year.  Four TV channels attended and airings on BBC & Sky are expected early in the new year – see www.misscommonwealthpageant.org/winners/of-2014 for pictures of the winners.

The year ended well with the delivery of a minibus for the kids of Sexaxa Village who don’t have to walk 11 miles to school without breakfast any more. Boikanyo and her daughter Katrinah also delivered 20 boxes of clothes which were distributed to the villages on Christmas Day. Lance Greenfield published his book Eleven Miles which was inspired by Boikanyo’s early life in Botswana where she too had to walk 11 miles to school.


In 2015 Boikanyo received awards for: Top 100 Outstanding Africans making a difference at the Westminster Houses of Parliament, REEBA Award for Motivational Role Model, Miss Borough Pageants award for Motivational Role Model & Outstanding Supporting Judge, and the Panache Global Recognition & Award for Excellence (PGRAE) on behalf of the Botswana Community in the UK.  She helped organise the UK Southern African Community Workshop and a Catwalk Show with Positive Runway Red Ribbon Models on World AIDS Day. She was honoured to be a VIP guest judge at The Ultimate Miss Africa Caribbean UK – one of the biggest pageants in the UK, was Botswana Ambassador for the African Achievers Awards and Model Trainer and Choreographer for Miss Black Africa.  She was invited to speak at the launch of the Justina Mutale Foundation for Leadership and then honoured to be invited to the Private Parliamentarian Award Ceremony of the British Award for African Development (BRAAD) Award. She was a member of the crowning team for Positive Runway Jamaica Model at Miss Jamaica UK. Boikanyo was interviewed by The Voice, Botswana and you can read the published interview at www.boikanyo.com/a-cultural-ambassador-in-london-interview-in-the-voice-botswana


In 2016 Boikanyo was honoured to be appointed by Ikanyeng Moipolai as International Representative in Europe for the award winning Destiny Organisation and was pleased to attend the Human Excellency Awards ceremony in Birmingham at which Destiny Organisation received an award. She also received the Lift Effects Star Award at the Extraordinary Lady Speaks Conference on behalf of Destiny Organisation and attended the Launch of Global Africa Women’s Week at the Westminster House of Parliament where the Destiny Organisation was guest speaker

Boikanyo has been busy on the guest speaking front so far in 2016:

Boikanyo founded Enterprise International Pageants – Beauty with Brains for Business – with the objective of empowering contestants for success in a business enterprise.

Boikanyo does not just attract by her very presence and lifestyle the equality that every black woman deserves but inspires others to achieve the same.  She will never rest until her every ambition is achieved without disadvantage to anybody else!

Boikanyo Trust Phenyo BSc, PGDE PGDSE is:
Founder & Director Enterprise International Pageants
International Representative in Europe for Destiny Organisation
Executive Member at Justina Mutale Foundation for Leadership
BME Director & CEO
Director of Events & Projects at Commonwealth International Beauty Pageants
Director World of Beauty
Director Miss Botswana UK 
Mrs Commonwealth Botswana 2010-2012
Mrs Commonwealth International 2012
Patron of the School Bus Project for the kids who walk 18km to school!
UK Model of the Year South Region 2006
Top Model of Colour London 2006

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