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There is an article in the Ngami Times Edition 532 (12-19Nov10) about Boikanyo being judged Mrs Commonwealth International 2010 First Princess.  The original article may be found here (click on the link the search finds and scroll down the edition) but is pasted below for your convenience:

Jumping for joy . . . Boikanyo Phenyo came second in the online Commonwealth International beauty pageant in England recently.

Another Maun beauty does well on world stage

Maun and Ngamiland never cease to amaze – another beauty has done well in international competition!

This time it was Sexaxa’s Boikanyo Trust Phenyo, who was elected as Mrs Commonwealth Botswana 2010, and is now 1st Princess at the online Commonwealth International beauty pageant, the final judging of which took place at Milton Keynes, England, a week ago.

She is the patron of the BME modelling agency and is involved in various projects with the avowed intention of improving the lot of disadvantaged young people in Maun. BME was established in Maun in 2009 to represent beauty using extraordinary methods.

BME’s core business is to organise beauty contests and fashion shows, but unlike its fore runners they not only concentrating on these two but thrive to expose the girls to the broader aspect of modelling locally and internationally, placing great emphasis on promoting tradition, culture and social values which bring out the beauty of an African woman. BME’s models get involved in various fund raising activities which are supplemented by sponsorship to enable events to the staged like the Maun Christmas Fashion Show which takes place on December 24 at Cresta Riley’s Hotel. Local designers will be providing the attire for the models to show off. The ticket price is set at P100 to ensure that the event is exclusive (P150 at the door). BME are also supporting the children of Sexaxa who have to walk many kilometers to school every day without breakfast. BME make sure they get Christmas presents every year and are trying to raise P40 000 to buy them a school bus as the prospects of the government building a school in Sexaxa is very low. * Recently, Shakawe’s Emma Wareus was adjudged 1 st Princess in the Miss World competition, and another Maun-born beauty, Melinda Elvenes, represented Norway at the Miss Universe contest.


Please note that Miss Commonwealth International is not an online competition.  All the Miss Commonwealth heats and the final each year are beauty pageant events at prestigious locations around the world.  The final this year was at Milton Keynes on 30th October 2010.  See here for more information.

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