Miss Global Botswana 2013 Press Release


Miss Global Botswana 2013 took place at President Hotel on 6th September and was very well attended by the public and various VIPs such as: Nijel Amos & Isake Makwala (Botswana’s very own Olympics 2012 athletes), Tlhomamo Diamond (Celebrity Make-up Guru) and Kosta Stojanovic (In Events & In Models Owner), Mrs Kgomosto (Judge from My Star).  We would like to thank all our sponsors without whom this event would not have been possible: President Hotel, BenDan Photography, Mokgabo Designs & Textiles and the following media for promoting the event so well: eBotswana, Mmegi, Global Post, Duma fm, Yarona fm.

BME (Boikanyo Model Extraordinaire) sees the purpose of holding a beauty queen title as a means of better carrying out charitable projects than would otherwise be possible rather than as a means of winning prizes.  Prizes are nice of course and, where sponsorship can be obtained, we will provide them to sweeten the pot but in this case BME had to sponsor the entire cash-flow for Miss Global Botswana 2013 event which means there was no spare cash available for prizes and no spare cash available to provide the air fares or other expenses required for the various international beauty pageants:
– Miss Global International in Montego Bay, Jamaica (22nd – 30th September)
– Miss International Companies in Maseru, Lesotho (30th September – 7th October)
– Face of World in Cape Town, South Africa (19th – 30th November)

BME’s strategy is to provide opportunities for Batswana to expose themselves on the international scene to expand their horizons and facilitate their charitable projects at home and abroad.

A beauty queen title holder is an ambassador which is why judging a beauty pageant like Miss Global Botswana is an art not a science because it’s not just the most beautiful girl that the judges are looking for but the one that has confidence, personality and ambassadorial talents to go with a photogenic quality which makes her look good without trying. It’s the halo effect – looking good gives you more credibility in the eyes of everybody who meets you.

She needs to have a sense of fashion to ensure she never looks out of place as she will be meeting VIPs such as the Prime Minister of Jamaica!  She needs to be able to talk sensibly about top level issues which are important in Botswana politics.

These ambassadorial qualities are the same qualities required to obtain sponsors to fund attending international pageants and to fund charitable projects.  The winners of these three titles now need to embark on mini projects to obtain sponsorship to get their air fares, accommodation etc.  Clearly the opportunity of obtaining a more powerful international title is to the advantage of the charitable objectives of any beauty queen!

In the case of Miss Global International there is not much time so any assistance the media can provide to help find a sponsor would be most appreciated.

List of titles awarded at the event

  1. Miss Global Botswana 2013 in Jamaica (KUMBILANI EMANG)
  2. Most Photogenic chosen by the Photographers goes to Miss Face of World 2013 in Cape Town (DINEO MOTSWAGOLE)
  3. Miss FB Popularity chosen by Facebook Likes goes to Miss International Companies 2013 in Lesotho (MAEMO LEBEKO)
  4. First Princess (THATO PRUDANCE MAGOSI)
  5. Second Princess (PAKO MODIBELE)
  6. Miss Congeniality (chosen by the other contestants) (TSHEPO NANCY MALIKONGWA)
  7. Best evening wear (KUMBULANI EMANG)
  8. Best Traditional wear (KEGOMODITSWE MERCY SEFAKO)
  9. Best Interview (THATO PRUDANCE MAGOSI)
  11. Best Overall Performer chosen by Miss Global Team to join Miss Global Botswana Team (DINEO MOTSWAGOLE)
Boikanyo Trust Phenyo
Director & CEO of BME
+44 7411 166 531
Bah Paraji
Director of Wizardwalk
+267 7323 4036


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