1. Can anybody join BME?
If you think you have what it takes to be a model then you are welcome to apply for membership.

2. How do I apply for membership & how much does it cost?
You can apply for membership by filling in the BME Registration Form or using online registration here and sending it to the email address at the bottom of the form.  If we think you are suitable we will contact you with a view to your signing a simple contract at the cost of P500.

3. Can you guarantee me some work?
In Botswana there can be no guarantee of work but we will train you, provide you with job experience and do our best to expose you and maximise your chances of getting work.

4. Do models have to be tall and slim?
Only fashion models need to be tall & slim. Commercial models can be any size or shape.

5. Do I need a passport?
Yes, as a model you should always be ready to travel but this does not mean that you cannot join BME and apply for a passport later.

6. What is expected of a model?
These are the golden rules which you must live by:
– be committed
– be dedicated
– have the will to succeeded
believe in yourself and your potential
– always be punctual
– always do your best
– always be polite
– have humility

If you have an unanswered question please submit it here and I will respond as soon as I can.

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