Boikanyo arrives in Maun 9Dec10

Come to the BME fashion show in Maun on 24th December – see here for more details.

I am arriving in Jo’burg at 12:20 on Wednesday 8th December (International Arrivals) on the way to Maun. I am promoting the BME fashion show and WMBW – press welcome!

I am arriving in Maun at 11:10 on Thursday 9th December. The Voice and some of my most gorgeous models are meeting me there!  The more the merrier!  Mooketsi will be there – she won the WMBW monthly competition in September.   Kepeo was in 2nd place for December last time I looked!


BME Patron
Mrs Commonwealth Botswana 2010
Mrs Commonwealth International 2010 First Princess
Patron of the School Bus Project for the kids who walk 18km to school every day!
Uk Model of the Year South Region 2006
Top Model of Colour London 2006

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