A bevy of hopeful models who were in Maun recently. They will be taking part in the Miss BME 2010 at the Maun Stadium on May 1. On the right is Boikanyo Phenyo, the mastermind of the BME project.

‘Army of beautiful warriors’ enters modeling world

Boikanyo Model Extraordinaire (BME) is making a difference to young ladies in Maun who have always wanted to improve their lot in life but couldn’t find a way of doing it.

The annual “Miss BME” contest is the flagship of this enterprising project which is now thriving with opportunities in the modeling industry. The contest takes place on Saturday May 1, at Maun Stadium with 14 lovely girls who were successful at auditions held earlier this month. Various agencies have shown interest in the girls.

The girls are very busy searching for sponsorships for this purpose. They have all been personally trained by Boikanyo Phenyo, the director and herself a successful international model whose dream has always been to help change lives for the better in her home town of Maun. The company is run locally by Ofentse Katse, who organises all the events and looks after the models on a day to day basis. “She’s the sergeant-major of my little army of beautiful warriors without whom nothing would happen!” says Phenyo, who has been working in Britain for 6 years but intends to return in a few years time to provide a new form of entertainment for the youth – namely salsa dancing – and also facilities to be used during the day, including a swimming pool, multi-purpose games court and a club room suitable for all kinds of purposes including the provision of beauty treatment and the showing of films.

Meanwhile the project nearest the fast beating heart of BME organisation is the quest for contributions to provide a school bus for the children of Sexaxa who have to walk 17km to school every day without breakfast. See www.princessboikanyo.org for more information.

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