Here’s some general advice that can help you become a successful model

Don’t get a tattoo
Fashion is all about change but tattoos are permanent. Having a tattoo cannot help you get a mainstream-modelling job. It’s more likely to stop you getting hired altogether.

Don’t get pierced
Pierced ear-lobes are ok but on your face will reduce the work you will be offered – maybe to zero.

Don’t smoke
Tobacco is poison, pure and simple! It will kill you in the end and in the meantime it will ruin your skin and make your breath and clothes smell bad.

Don’t take illegal drugs
Illegal drugs are dangerous and whatever you think of them they won’t improve your health but they may damage your looks.

Go easy on alcohol
Alcohol may be legal but can be a dangerous when used in excess. It’s also bad for your health and therefore your looks.

Don’t get a boob job
Breast implants often just don’t look right and the chances of having a successful operation are somewhat less than 100%. Also, implants do not last a lifetime so if you have breast enlargement surgery you are committing yourself to unknown expense for years to come.

Don’t mess up your eyebrows
Eyebrows are an important facial feature – don’t pluck them away to nothing. Decide on a shape (not too thin) that suits your face and then just pluck enough to maintain it. If your eyebrows are already over-plucked, let them grow for a while and then get them plucked at a professional salon. It’s not very expensive and it’s a good investment. Once they’ve been plucked properly you can maintain their shape yourself.

Don’t mess up your hair
To do colouring and relaxing properly requires skill and experience. If you can’t afford to get it done professionally, don’t try to do it yourself. Just get a good cut and keep your hair in good condition. Nice, well cared-for hair is something a model must have.

Be prepared to get up in the morning
Many modelling assignments will start early to take advantage of the morning light or to avoid crowds, so don’t moan if you are offered a job that may mean you have to get up before the sun does.

Eat good food
Models need to be slim & fit and but this doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. Eat natural healthy food including plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Sugar, sweets, chocolate and biscuits are the worst things you can eat so cut down on them as much as you can. Don’t bother with gimmicky dieting products – they don’t work!  Take 1000IUs of vitamin D3 every day to help your body metabolise your food properly and keep you slim!

Take exercise
Models have to be prettier, fitter and healthier than the general population, so you should find a form of exercise that you enjoy but doesn’t damage, strain or bruise your body. Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise there is, so take dance classes if you can. This may also get you more work because you will move more gracefully.

Don’t spend hundreds of pula on photographs
If you have any potential as a model you won’t need to spend hundreds of pula to get some initial portfolio pictures. You should be able to find a competent photographer to do some simple uncluttered pictures for you at an affordable fee. Just remember to smile at the camera like you are flirting with your boyfriend.

Be humble and well-mannered
Being pretty can help you get away with behaviour that would not otherwise be tolerated. Do not take advantage of this! Treat everyone with kindness & respect and people will want to help you and work with you in the future.

If you have any constructive advice that you think I should add to this list please submit it for consideration below.

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